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Flying Butler – Butler Service Worldwide

Butler is no more a limited job now. Rather, it has now dominated the hospitality and service industry. More and more people now hire butlers as head of their staff. If you’re one of them, contact us to fill your positions.

Flying Butler Service – Xclusive

Finding the right butler who can manage and handle your overall staff could be difficult. But we are experienced in this domain. We don’t just rely on our locality to hire butlers for you. We can also provide you a flying butler service. A flying butler can accompany you anywhere in the world and assist you during your business trip. He can also replace your permanent butler during his vacation or sick leave.

Tailored to each client’s requirements, the Flying Butler service includes various activities: traveling internationally, dinner party organization, booking flights, transfers from any airport to given location, destination bridal trips, providing a private chef at your beckon, booking excursions, preparing meals, arranging spectacular events, hiring the staff for different occasions like parties and weddings. You can also hire wedding butlers for reception, celebrity service, real estate butler with showings, etc.

No matter where you travel, flying butler will join you and arrange everything for you at the respective location.

Hire Flying Butler for any Event or Occasion!

Do you plan a wedding in Mallorca or abroad? Wherever your perfect location might be, Flying Butler will make sure that your special day is running flawlessly. At any given event, he will ensure that the flow of the party is always moving in the right direction. For example, the butler will invite guests to join in the dining room for dinner. He will, elegantly, yet attentively, communicate with other staff members: the chef, waiters, etc.

Weddings are extremely important to everybody, especially to brides. So why not spoil the bride with some extra pampering? Hire flying butler to the bride and make her feel extra special. Butlers to the Bride services include: preparing light tiers of snacks for the bride, drawing a bath with beautiful petite roses and lavender-scented ointments, checking in vendors, running errands, doorman duties, invoking the toast, assisting at the church and serving groom and bride at the reception personally, etc.

Flying Butlers are capable of meeting any other request, from organizing or preparing a simple meal to assist celebrities in VIP areas at particular events or venues. You can hire them for all kinds of events: tea parties, picnics, surprise getaways, dinner parties.

Contact us and let’s get the party started!

Finding the right butler is our responsibility

The most valid and true justification of why you need us is for the peace of your mind. At Xclusive, we expertly choose the candidates that are rightly equipped with the experience and skills to do the job for you. Your satisfaction is the real value of our services.

We understand the needs of the situation and keeping that in mind, we find the best among the best for you. If you’re looking to find someone who can supervise all the staff, then our reference point is your staff. We understand the dynamics of your present staff first and only then proceed to find the best possible butler for you.

Finding the right butler is not an issue anymore – contact us now

If you think that finding the right butler for your staff is not easy, then you’re assuming it wrong. At Xclusive, we can do this job efficiently and quickly for you. No matter what kind of butler you want, we welcome you anytime to contact us.

Contact us now so we can get the search for a professional butler underway.