Household staff training

We Train your Staff to the Highest Level

Managing an upscale household to the owner’s utmost satisfaction often requires learned knowledge and experience. Xclusive Mallorca is the first company in Mallorca for recruiting and training top household staff. We can come to your household, assess your team members and train them in the specific skills. We offer the initial and ongoing training of the existing staff as well as new team members.  The training is tailor-made according to your brief and requirements.

Every household has different preferences and needs staff that can perform various duties most professionally. We can train your team members to perform many different tasks, from the simple ones, like laundry and ironing, cleaning in all areas, bouquet care and tying flowers, dealing with sophisticated materials and expensive furnishings, personal management or management of team of employees, to special requests that need well-trained and experienced professionals: working on a private island, supervision of renovation work in luxury villas and apartments, hiring a private chefs or taking care of a yacht.

Adequate appearance, polished manners and good communication skills are just as important as organizational and solution skills or job experience. Managing a household to highest standards requires a sense of responsibility, great work ethic, and discretion.

Xclusive Mallorca, the first training institute for top household workers trains, provides know-how, and improves the standards in your home.

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We offer professional Assessments of your Staff Members

We create custom-made staff training programme for you upon our professional assessment

You have the staff or you need a staff for your household, but you are not sure whether they are equipped with the right set of skills for the job?  Staffing assessment helps to identify the skills gap in your household. Your staff may have skills that you don’t know about. This means that they can take added duties with some training. Through assessments, you can even discover that you need to recruit more staff in your household.

During the assessment, you should take into consideration your future staffs’ requirements and come up with ways to meet them. Our professionals are experts in reviewing your goals to find out what set of skills your staff needs to perform the given tasks. We have enough experience in conducting interviews as we do assessments to your staff to identify the areas that need improvements. This helps in ensuring that your staff is not routine-blinded.

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Do you need staff training?

How to recognize if you need our service?

Both, staff and the employer can profit from additional staff training and development. As a property owner, you can improve your household standard with capable, experienced and qualified workers who are ready to undertake more responsibilities when motivated. Employees will also benefit from recognizing their improvement opportunities, and personal development requirements.

If your staff lacks motivation, has timekeeping issues, lacks in initiative and flexibility or may not understand the level of formality (or informality) that is required, it is time to think about hiring the professionals to deal with these issues and resolve them for you.

Our experts will assess which skills your team members are lacking, and where they need to put their focus.  We will find a solution to properly organize them, so they can perform their duties better. The training your team members will also show them that employer is ready to invest in their development and cares about their wellbeing which will keep them motivated to learn and improve.

We work with qualified individuals to deliver personalized services to our clients. We also have experience in guiding and counseling to employers and employees.

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