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It is always great to come back to your house in the evening and to get everything already in place. Xclusive is offering welcome packages to look after your house and fulfill your kitchen needs.

Welcome Packages – Xclusive

Let us pamper you or your guests even more with our welcome package! Would you like to come to your property and find a fully stocked fridge, beautiful flower decorations, and everything that you might need upon your arrival? The last thing you would want after a long flight is to go to the supermarket and do the grocery shopping. We can sort this out and deliver everything you might need to your property.

Food or non-food, wine, toiletries, pet food, flowers, special demands – our team will handle the logistics and make sure everything awaits you at your villa before you arrive. If you have special demands, we will do our best to find it and deliver to you!

We are a locally based team, so we can arrange, recommend and provide you with the best local products. We can create a list of groceries for you or you can send us your list, and we will make sure that your favorite white wine or that local cheese that you like is in your fridge.

Enjoy the best welcome on the island!

What to Expect From Our Services?

Our staff is exceptionally professional at housekeeping and provisioning services. After you leave the villa or house, the staff will be there to look after the property. They are focused on keeping your property clean and neat so that you stay relaxed and focus on your business.

The provisioning service will take care of your kitchen needs and make sure that everything is present in your kitchen. We also offer personalized services. If you have any special needs, our staff will ensure that it gets fulfilled.

Every time you come back to the villa or house, you’ll get something special from our welcome packages.

Hire Us to Get the Best Welcome Packages

Our mission is to satisfy our customers and give them a reason to come back to us. Our welcome packages are a great way to satisfy our clients, and we make sure to arrange something useful and memorable for them.

When you hire us, you can expect top-quality welcome packages. We ensure to arrange something useful for them, which is practical, durable, and comfortable for them. If you come to our villa, our priority is to give you a taste of local flavor, so we arrange a specialty of our region as well.