Wine inventory service

Wine inventory and care

Are you a wine lover? Do you possess an impressive collection of the finest wines in your cellar?  Do you need assistance to organize, do the inventory of all the bottles, move, grow or sell your cellar? Sure, you could do it yourself, but Xclusive’s team of professionals can do it easier and quicker.  You can relax and enjoy a glass of wine while we do the work.

Our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable about the wines. They will come to your home or your cellar and do the inventory of the bottles carefully. They are experienced in handling fragile, valuable assets and they will arrange your bottles per your request, by region, year, vintage, etc. Each bottle will be barcoded and entered into a cellar management program with all important information.

The wine inventory service helps you organize your wine cellar, but also ensures that your wine is kept in optimal conditions. Using our wine inventory service, you will be able to list all the bottles that you own. You will also know the value of your collection which is important for your insurance policy.

Further on, we can continue managing your collection for you, or give you training, so you can do it on your own.

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Wine Cellar Moving and Transport

You can entrust Xclusive’s team with moving, packing and transferring the entire wine collection form your cellar to another location.

We will come to your home, prepare and pack up your bottles for transport and storage with the highest attention and care. We provide packing material to ensure that your collection arrives at the end destination in perfect condition. We track the number of bottles, mark the cases, and keep a record of the box contents.

Xclusive Mallorca can also offer you a transport of your wines from one location to your home, or pick up your orders, bring them to your cellar, unpack them and organize them.

Your wine is safe in our hands; you don’t need to worry about a thing.

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Wine Cellar Unpacking

If you are expecting a large order of wine and you need assistance with unpacking and organization, we can come to your location and unpack and rack your new bottles. Additionally, we can rearrange your wine cellar and do the bottle inventory.

Our professionals will re-organize your collection per your requirements. You will be able to easily find your bottles and know the value of your possessions.

Let us do the work, and you enjoy your collection.

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