Xclusive Mallorca

„Perfection with absolute discretion!“

Xclusive is a Mallorca based company specialized in the luxury hospitality industry. We offer a wide range of services for private households, such as property management, butler & private chef service, keyholding, aviation & limousine service, villa care & provisioning, etc.

Xclusive Mallorca – offers all these services and provides you with experienced and discrete professionals. We believe every household is different and has different needs, therefore we are flexible and able to tailor custom made packages and match you with employees according to your particular criteria. Indulge yourself and let us provide you the best service!

Property Management

Property Management is one of our signature services. Whether you just need a hand in organizing your staff and activities on your estate or you own a villa that you use for vacation or even rent it out, we can cover it! Our professionals have vast experience in household and property management, from luxury New York penthouses to contemporary chalet in Switzerland or authentic Villa in Spain. We make it easy for you to take care of your property. Our experts can arrange anything, from hiring the staff and training them to wine inventory, meet&greet service or supervision of more complex maintenance works.

Keyholding Mallorca


The best possible way to make sure your property is well maintained and safe while you are away is to hire locally based professionals for keyholding services. We can offer you a comprehensive range of activates that are included in three different keyholding packages, from checking your villa, garage, garden, pool, alarm system regularly, to the supervision of reparation, villa provisioning, meeting&greeting your guests and more. We guarantee a 100% commitment, highest level of professionalism and discretion, and custom-made packages. Whether you just want us to keep an eye on your villa or you need someone to arrange and manage extensive works, renovations or repairs, we can help you.

Keyholding Packages Mallorca

Keyholding Packages

Since no two people may require the same Keyholding service, we have different packages to suit each customer’s needs. You would choose your package depending on how frequent you use your property. We include welcome packages, premium packages, and much more. You can rest assured knowing your property is in good hands

Villa Provisioning Mallorca

Villa Provisioning

Xclusive’s villa provisioning service provides your villa with groceries and other products required for your stay or stay of your guests. The last thing you would want after a long flight or busy day is to go to the supermarket and do the grocery shopping. We can sort this out and deliver everything you might need to your property. Food or non-food, wine, toiletries, pet food, flowers, special demands – our team will handle the logistics and make sure everything awaits you at your villa before you arrive. If you have special demands, we will do our best to find it and deliver to you!

Welcome Packages Mallorca

Welcome Packages

If your guests are coming to your villa on Mallorca, we will make sure that they have an exclusive experience. You can choose our welcome package that includes villa provisioning with all the necessary items for their comfortable stay. We will stock the fridge, prepare the toiletries, and make flower arrangements. Details like this can make a difference between ordinary and extraordinary service.

Villa Care Service Mallorca

Villa Care And Service

Xclusive provides an extensive Mallorca-based villa maintenance service including staff management for property owners. Whether you travel a lot and leave your property unattended, use your villa for occasional vacations, have guests coming for a stay or rent your property during the season, we can provide you with the best villa care tailored to your specific needs. We offer you a vast range of services form our signature keyholding services, regular visits to your property, solving potential issues with local companies, to arranging and monitoring renovation work, arranging and supervision of cleaning, gardening, pool maintenance, management of regular maintenance staff, sending regular reports.

VIP service Mallorca

Butler Service

We brought the art of butler service to perfection. With more than 15 years of experience in service of millionaires, royalty, VIP personalities, we can satisfy even the most demanding clients. Our objective is to provide world-class, sophisticated and personalized service to our clients. If you live in Mallorca, visit the island for vacation or travel frequently abroad, a butler can assist you with all your activities with the utmost discretion and professionalism. Personal butler can be in charge of maintaining your property, travel bookings and other reservations, event planning, organization of formal gatherings, formal table duties such as serving drinks, taking care for the wine cellar, staff management, and many more.

Butler Service

Butler Service Worldwide

Flying Butler- Butler Service Worldwide

We can also provide a flying butler service. A flying butler can accompany you anywhere in the world and assist you during your business trip. He can also replace your permanent butler during his vacation or sick leave. Tailored to each client’s requirements, the flying butler service includes various activities: traveling internationally, dinner party organization, booking flights, transfers from any airport to given location, destination bridal trips, providing a private chef at your beckon, booking excursions, preparing meals, arranging spectacular events, hiring the staff for different occasions like parties and weddings. You can also hire wedding butlers for reception, celebrity service, real estate butler for showings, and other occasions.

Nanny Service Mallorca

Childcare / Nanny Service

Our childcare services range from full-time and holiday nannies to overnight babysitting and many more. Whether you just need a helping hand during your holidays or a nanny for an event, we got you covered. We will match you with a perfect person for the job according to your particular criteria and the needs of your children.

Concierge Service Mallorca

Concierge Service

Whether you need to book your flights, get concert passes, or anything else you need, our personalized concierge can assist you with that. Apart from personal, we also offer a service of corporate concierge who can be in charge of: flight booking, hotel, and other bookings, or managing events, business retreats, and packages/gifts for your business guests!

Mobile Doctor Service Mallorca

Mobile Doctor Service

Our mission is to offer the best possible medical care at your location. Whether you are in your vacation home, hotel, or own property, the doctor will come to you. Xclusive has designed this service to provide extraordinary medical care to people who stay busy in their daily routine. Our priority with our mobile doctor service is to provide you best check-up and consultation from an experienced professional at your doorstep. In case of an emergency, call your local emergency number immediately

Property Management Mallorca

Household Management

We offer various personalized household management services, from household improvement to household staff training:

Household Management Mallorca

Household Improvement

Our household improvement services can help you transform your space from cluttered to functional. We can organize and de-clutter:  Attics, Basements, Closets, Garages, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Children space, Bedrooms, Photos and many more. We also offer a service of home inventory for you, which will make your home safer in case of disaster or emergency. With comprehensive documentation of all your possessions, you will ensure the protection of your assets and most important a peace of mind.

Wine Inventory Service Mallorca

Wine Inventory Service

Do you need assistance to organize, do the inventory of all the bottles, move, grow or sell your wine cellar? At Xclusive, we have a team of professionals who can assist you with wine inventory. Our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable about the wines. They are experienced in handling fragile, valuable assets and they will arrange your bottles per your request, by region, year, vintage, etc. Each bottle will be barcoded and entered into a cellar management program with all important information. The wine inventory service helps you organize your wine cellar, but also ensures that your wine is kept in optimal conditions.

Recruitment Staffing Mallorca

Recruitment And Staffing

Xclusive Mallorca has a vast network of professionals in the field of butler service and top-level household management. Our experts will recruit only the best and most experienced candidates on your behalf. Whether you need a private chef, household manager, estate manager, a nanny, or a butler, we will match you with an ideal person with the right set of skills, experience, and professionalism.

Household Staff Training Mallorca

Household Staff Training

Xclusive Mallorca is recruiting and training top household staff. We can come to your household, assess your team members and train them in the specific skills. We offer the initial and ongoing training of the existing staff as well as new team members. The training is tailor-made according to your brief and requirements.

Private Chef Service And Private Cooking Lessons

With our private chef service, you can enjoy the upscale restaurant culinary experience in your own home! Our Xclusive private chefs can come to your property regularly or for special occasions and prepare delicious, healthy meals for you and your guests. We offer a wide range of private chef services; let’s take a look at them:

Private Chef
Private Chef Service Mallorca
Catering Service Mallorca

Event Chef And Catering Service

Managing your event, catering to your guests, and preparing delicious meals can become rather easy with our event chef and catering service. We can organize your event from the start to finish. Our professional event chefs will prepare delicious meals and arrange everything concerning food for your guests, but not only that. Apart from preparing the meals and catering to your guests, you can rely on our team for booking the event location, sending invites, table arrangements and more. Our staff can prepare food and cater for more than 200 guests, from intimate birthday parties to huge receptions like weddings.

Cooking Class Mallorca

Cooking Classes At Your Home

We also offer cooking classes at your home, held by an expert chef. This is a great idea for a hobby, spending time with friends and family or even a gift idea for “foodie’s”. You can have your friends over for your birthday party and enjoy this fun and creative activity together, as well as tasty food afterward. Maybe you want to learn to prepare healthy food or become a meat expert? Our chef will create a custom made course for you. Personalized cooking classes in your own home are a very convenient option.

Cooking Classes Mallorca

Cooking Classes For Household Staff

We offer tailor-made cooking classes for your household staff, as well. Whether they need to learn about modern cooking techniques, how to use the existing or new kitchen equipment and appliances, or world cuisine specialties, our professional chefs can train them. If you or your family members have special dietary requirements, like healthy food, allergen-free meals or some other specific needs, our experts will teach your staff how to prepare nutritious and tasty meals for the entire family.

Private Chef Mallorca

Private Chef

Hire a private chef for your household and enjoy the culinary experience of a high-end restaurant in your home every day. When you hire a private chef, he will take charge of your kitchen and manage everything. Whether it is about cooking the food or shopping for the ingredients, setting up the table, cleaning up after the party and cooking, pairing wine with food, your private chef will take care of everything. Furthermore, he will keep your fridge stocked with your favorite food. If you have special dietary requirements, he will also make a menu according to your needs. Our chefs are professionals skilled to cook for large gatherings and dinner parties, so this is an additional benefit of a personal chef service.

Chauffeur Service And Aviation

Whether heading to an important event or just traveling for leisure, we offer a range of transport solutions that are designed to suit any situation. This will ensure that you can travel in style and arrive at your destination safely. Let’s look at some of the service options that Xclusive offers and how you can use them to your benefit.

Chauffeur Service & Aviation
chauffeur service mallorca
Limousine Service Mallorca

Limousine Service

One of the best ways to get to a destination comfortably and in style is by using our Mallorca based limousine service. We can provide you a top-level experience, so you can sit back and relax, experiencing the island and its beauty. Also, our range of cars is designed to make you as comfortable as possible.

Luxury Car Rental Mallorca

Luxury Car Rental

If you prefer to drive a luxury car while on the island, we can offer you anything, from sports cars to large SUV’s, depending on your needs.

Chauffeur Mallorca

Chauffeur For Your Car

With Xclusive, you can get a professional chauffeur for your car at any time. With this service, you can stay relaxed in the back seat of your car while dealing with a busy day. Our driver arrives at your home at the requested time, dressed in professional attire, ready to chauffeur you in your vehicle wherever you want to go. When you’re ready, you and your car will be returned back home safely. Whether you need a driver for a night out or running your daily errands, you can hire a professional and proficient chauffeur for your car. We provide you with only the best chauffeur experience for your comfort.

Private Jet Mallorca

Aviation And Private Jet Concierge

Xclusive has put together a team of skilled & professional concierge staff for your aviation & private jet arrangements. Our concierge professionals are here to accommodate you in every possible way by taking care of all the travel and flight experience. They ensure that your flight is on-time and coordinate with your flight staff to make sure that everything is aligned and perfect for your travel experience.

Household Mallorca