About Daniel Rudolf

"Perfection with absolute discretion!"

The founder and CEO of Xclusive Mallorca, Daniel Rudolf, has perfected the art of butler service through extensive training at prestigious institutions. He has more than 15 years of experience and practice as a butler, personal assistant, household manager, and private chef. His vast experience also includes the positions and activities, such as concierge, travel arrangements, event management, creating of household manual, budget compliance, running errands, chauffeur service, table arrangements, security, corporate supervision, and more.

In service of millionaires & billionaires, royalty, VIP personalities, and celebrities, he has traveled to 44 countries and worked in more than 30 villas with up to 60 employees. His job took him to many destinations: from remote islands in the Caribbean, Fiji or Bermuda to metropolis like New York, Paris, and Dubai!

After gaining so much experience worldwide, Daniel has founded Mallorca based company, with a network of professionals who can take care of your property on the island when you are away or provide you many household management services while you’re staying in your villa.

Xclusive’s signature business is butler service, perfected to the form of art. Whether you are a permanent resident of Mallorca or just on vacation, Daniel can provide you the best service or find the right candidates for your household. Your butler should be completely dedicated to ensuring absolute wellbeing for you, your family members, friends, and guests. He can take care of your household, and organize anything you need: transportation, villa provisioning, dinner reservations, and other bookings, housekeeping and many more.

Another important expertise of Xclusive Mallorca is household management and villa service&care. Xclusive will take care of everything from hiring the staff and training them, to manage your property. Some of the services we can cover are a household improvement, wine inventory, recruiting and staffing, even training your own personnel. Related to these services are villa service&care and keyholding service. These two services are recommendable for property owners who spend lots of time away, use Mallorca home for vacation or rent it out during the season. In these situations, it is very important to have reliable professionals who you can entrust your property. Xclusive offers 3 different packages of keyholding services, general property maintenance, meet&greet service. We can also cover everything, from villa provisioning to arranging and supervision reparations or pool maintenance.

As a household manager, the pioneer of exquisite private service in multi-million-pound households, Daniel was in charge of managing many other staff members: gardeners, private chefs, housekeepers, chauffeurs, laundry maids and nannies. Thus, he has created a large network of private household professionals. He knows exactly what matters in luxury hospitality and how difficult it might be to find qualified, professional, and confidential staff for private households.

Xclusive Mallorca – offers all these services and provides you with experienced and discrete professionals. Daniel believes every household is different and has different needs, therefore he is flexible and able to tailor custom made packages and match you with employees according to your particular criteria.

He is proud to offer the perfection with absolute discretion!

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